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Creality Ender 5 pro

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The ENDER 5 PRO Desktop 3D Printer is the latest and improved version of the All-in-One 3D Printer Kit. It is equipped with the latest version of silent motherboard with driver 1.1.5, with high precision.

Whether it is the first time or the 3D printer enthusiast, we highly recommend that you help yourself achieve what you see and what you imagine.

Support breakpoint continuity function. Even if there is a power outage or other unexpected interruptions, the Ender 5-Pro printer can still work for you, save time and raw material costs, and provide you with free choices to go out and do other things.

45 electronic display panel, simple and easy to understand design, just insert SD card to get the result you want..

Supports most printing materials in the market PLA, soft rubber, carbon fiber, etc.).

Product Features :

Technology: FDM.

Printing dimensions: 220 x 485 x 300 mm.

Machine dimensions: 552 x 485 x 510 mm.

Machine net weight: 11.8 kg.

Number of nozzles: 1

Slice thickness: 0.1 0.4 mm..

Printing method: online or SD card.

File format: STL / OBJ / AMF.

Filament diameter: 1.75mm.

Printing precision: 0.1 mm..

Rated power: 270 W.

Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm optional 0.2 / 0.3mm.

Power supply: nominal voltage 115/230 V output 24 V.

Operating system: WIN XP / Vista / 7/10 / Mac / Linux

Slicing software: cura / repetier / simplified

Note: When adjusting the horizontal nut, please use white paper between the nozzle and the platform, turn the bottom nut, adjust the four corners of the platform in turn, and pull the paper with slight scratches .

Please warm up the engine for at least 3 minutes before the machine runs.